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And the polar vortex creeps down on you and devours your thermometer:

Another fine product of...

Well, first things first…since I’ve been away for a while, I need to bring y’all back up to speed as to what’s going on here (or what *has* been going on here)  but I figured I’d mix that in with more current stuff on my pointy head; simpler than trying to do one completely and then the other.  I’ll tag the old news Throwback so you can see it all in one group if you want to, and Go On with the rest as it happens.

I will say that the major contributors to this drop-from-sight were due to my CLL, which is otherwise not getting worse.   This includes:

  1. A very slow-to-heal wound in my left foot that kept getting infected, throwing me into the hospital for 3-5 days each time for heavy-duty IV antibiotics
  2. Major foot surgery related to that that came from my left foot having major chunks taken out of it that were infected, including the 5th metatarsal bone,  which first required  months in a rehab nursing home to get me up and going again – and now, messes me up majorly on balance and walking.  It’s now much more a chore to walk around, and my weird gait has gotten some substantial complaints from my leg and back muscles – right now, I’m on muscle relaxants to un-twist things in my legs, which had gotten horribly painful.
  3. chronic ill / tired episodes,  exacerbated by (1) and (2) above, which led to me not getting things done in any sort of schedule and made me feel really overwhelmed which led to depression (and me going into a spiral on same).  Yadda yadda.
  4. Who wants to write endlessly about all of the above, which have swallowed your life whole?  And if you did, with all the stuff you have to do/dig through that has built up, can you justify the time involved?

I’ve  been able to toss out some stuff for Facebook, but it’s almost all been light stuff I can toss off without a lot of time or thought.   I miss doing something with some meat on it.

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