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Scaring myself:

Another fine product of...

Over the last ten days or so, I’ve been feeling moderately rocky – and over this weekend, *very* rocky. I’m really not sure what’s going on, but it’s gotten bad enough that I’m going in to see my GP doctor to see if she has a clue.

Early on stuff – a really bad heartburn that I chalked up to having drunk way too many cups of coffee and glasses of cola for the caffeine jolt – my ADD meds had run out, and I was having a lot of trouble being productive. That sort of upset has happened several times in the past when I did something similar, and this one was bad. So I laid off coffee and pop, and shunned things that were spicy, acid or tough to get down, and ate more yogurt and the like. As I did, the problems started to recede…

A little later, I started to notice other things happening; shortness of breath, lack of energy, way lower ability to deal with heat – sweating like mad and quick energy loss. Since I had a new prescription for the ADD meds filled on Thursday, all this went off the charts, and half of Saturday and all of Sunday, the problems with shortness of breath really kicked in – *any* effort to do stuff made me out of breath and energyless. I managed with difficulty to put away lunch leftovers and gather and run a tub of dishes, over several hours, and it really knocked me on my keister.

By mid-afternoon Sunday, it was pretty clear that I was seriously ill in some manner, and took my temperature – normal. I got on the Internet and set up an appointment with my GP doctor for 11 am on Monday, and can Elle’s my other commitments for Monday, including work.

A couple of really dire thoughts – a major change with my leukemia or cancer of the esophagus – came through my mind, but I just don’t know WTF is going on.

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